We Are Being Remade.

Sometimes this life presents us with two options: living with a broken heart or not living with a broken heart. Sometimes the broken heart is not optional and therefore the fragmentation it brings is also not optional. Sometimes our unspoken mantra is “I hurt” or “I grieve.”

Sometimes this awful truth sets up residence in our bodies. Sometimes not fully living is not so much a choice that we are making but rather an experience that we are having. And it is comprehensive. It wrecks everything. In this violent and unsafe world, this is part of our shared story, our shared inheritance. But we each mostly carry it alone.

At a particularly low moment this weekend I saw this piece of paper on the floor.

It simply said: Trust God.

As I prepare to teach on Noah and Covenant this Sunday, the parallels are not lost on me.

God’s rainbow is in the sky.

May we trust the process. God is in the pain. God is in the darkness. God is in the wound. Somehow in the destruction something is being remade. And that something is us.