The Space Between

What will believing in your true self, true identity, and sacred worth cost you???

It will cost you your excuses, your stunted viewpoints, your self-assured stances, your agendas, your limiting beliefs about self, other, and God, your victim status, your relative inferiority and superiority and the weak, pathetic struggle for status, your titles, credentials, and ridiculous sense of importance, your precious opinions and judgements, your vile and pernicious doctrines, your unholy “holy” allegiances, your unfulfilled, self-limiting, self-sabotaging settling for being less than you are, your dumbing it down to make others comfortable, your familiar dissatisfaction and numbness, your fear-based false ordinariness, your demand to be finally recognized for your brilliance and specialness, your socially sanctioned inauthenticity, your faithless fear of change, your fluctuating sense of value and worth, your anxiety-ridden, performance-based desperate attempts to be liked and loved, your sad, transparent social dog and pony show, your avoidant laziness, your hiding behind convention, your boredom with your own mediocrity, your self-imposed lack of fulfillment, your hidden loneliness, your coffin-like sense of comfort, and your precious illusion of safety. It will cost you your endless need for approval, the idol of familial love, and the incessant desire for affirmation. It will cost you your fragmented, self-imposed exile from Self and Other, Life and God.

And what might you gain if you risk believing in your true identity and your sacred worth?

Real love. Real acceptance. Real peace. Real relationship. Real life. An encounter with the true self. An encounter with God. The terror of freedom. An audacious faith. A bridging of the space between ourselves and Life that really is life.

For a species that operates in persona and dwells in shadows, one thing is for sure: Our insanity lies in believing our own lies and the illusions that we call reality. Ultimate Reality supersedes our senses, fears, wants, desires, wishes, hopes, and dreams.

The false self is the self-appointed god of this world. But when we access our true selves, God is there. When we touch God, our true selves are there. It has always been so. We belong to God. When we slumber or forget we must wake up and return to who we really are, our true identity, in Christ.

We are children of the light. We are called to infest the world with the brightness of our inheritance. But first we must claim that inheritance.
And therein lies the paradox: For nothing seems more unnatural to the false self, but nothing less can bridge the space between us and ourselves, each other, and the One that reconciles all opposites.

Today, right now in this very moment, you are allowed to Participate in Creation, Bear Witness to Divine Mystery, Breathe In the Presence of Christ, Be a Temple in whom Life Itself dwells, to Experience the Miracle of Life that exists Here and Now, In You and Around You, and to be the carrier of a Truth that was lovingly planted In you, has been hidden deep Within you, has been entrusted To you. You are already More Beautiful than you could ever hope to be. Because, Glory Be To God, that beauty predates “You.”

Today it is my prayer that you will Lose “yourself,” Give Up on “yourself,” and Fail miserably at fabricating a life so that you can Gain Everything that you never knew you wanted or knew you could experience.

You Are Loved. You Are Beloved.
Love Itself Loves You.