Terrorism 101

I really wish they would teach this in Terrorism 101:

Violence is not hatred. It is the love child of an unholy union between fear and ignorance. And it’s really bad psychology.

Do you really want to terrorize someone?
Then look them in the eye and
let them know that you see
the awfulness in them
but love them anyway.
You will both be immolated.
Do you really want to torture someone?
Then call them into their higher selves.
The stretching will be unbearable.
They will feel the ropes pulling at each limb.
It will tear them apart.
Do you really want to commit murder-suicide?
Then love someone in a way that
the awfulness in both of you dies.
Do you really want to be a hero?
Then suffer for the redemption of the world.
Do you really want to be a martyr?
Then sacrifice your own heart
on the altar of love.
Do you really want to serve God?
Then let the genocide take place
in your own heart.