Tears Are Holy Water

Our pain is sacred and must be honored
Our tears are sacred and must be honored

Honor your tears
Throw them a shower

Just like a wedding or a birth is honored with a shower
Also honor loss and pain with a shower
Make invitations
Invite your favorite people
On your registry: BYOT
Bring your own tears

Because if tears are honored with a shower
Then weeping becomes also a gathering,
an acknowledgment, a celebration

And shared tears are their own kind of shower
A cleansing, healing, quenching shower

The pregnant heart contracts
The reluctant eyes dilate
Pain is delivered

The clouds at full term release
The rains bring new life to our dead places

Say “I do” to your tears
In sickness and in health
as others bear witness

Shared tears fill a baptismal
When we are submerged
it is not only in the dark waters of grief
but also in baptismal waters
Holy water

Tears are Holy water
We are forever changed
By grief, by loss, by devastation,
But also by Love.