Tears Are Holy Water

Our pain is sacred and must be honored
Our tears are sacred and must be honored

Honor your tears
Throw them a shower

Just like a wedding or a birth is honored with a shower
Also honor loss and pain with a shower
Make invitations
Invite your favorite people

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Why I Stand With The LGBTQ Community

I am am a White, Straight, Southern, Christian Male. I attend and serve within a moderate mainline congregation. I have absolutely nothing to gain from standing with the LGBTQ community.

I am an introvert that doesn’t like negative attention. I hate being typecast and misunderstood. I like to be liked. I am a professional and...

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Blessed Are The Therapists And Social Workers

To be a therapist or a social worker is to be a guardian of secrets. It is to be entrusted. It is a sacred trust. It is to be a safe deposit box for the soul’s work.
It is a priesthood.
It is to walk through the darkest and brightest places in the human...

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Following Jesus Across Racial Divides

There is a racial divide in our country. Many do not want to believe this. Many fear what acknowledging and confessing this may bring about. Many fear that those with mixed intent or ill intent will create or hijack movements and increase violence. And these things can and will happen. But fear must not win...

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Color Blindness Is Not The Answer.

Color blindness is not the answer.

We don’t need any more “color blindness.”

What we do need more of is:
color acknowledgement, color dialogue, color respect, color curiosity, color inclusivity, color concern, color commitment, color partnership, color celebration, color time spent, color eye contact, color handshake, color embrace, color playground, color workplace, color congregation,...

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