The Space Between

What will believing in your true self, true identity, and sacred worth cost you???

It will cost you your excuses, your stunted viewpoints, your self-assured stances, your agendas, your limiting beliefs about self, other, and God, your victim status, your relative inferiority and superiority and the weak, pathetic struggle for status, your titles, credentials, and...

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Today I Will Rehearse The Reign Of God.

Today I will rehearse the reign of God
in the tiny pockets of liberation
in me and around me.
And I will acknowledge, honor, and celebrate
the citizenship of all
in the beloved community.
Today I will practice dual citizenship.
Today I will reside in Mississippi

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Ray Romano’s Brother, Wolverine’s Father, Fundamentalism, and the Hole in the Universe

Grabbing a bite in ATL before heading home and 2 guys at neighboring tables, whom I will refer to as Ray Romano’s brother and Wolverine’s father, start discussing politics. I am quite annoyed.

I’m thinking “Ugh, Professor Romano is an expert on everything and full of useless knowledge and Pastor Wolverine is about to brag...

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