The School Shooting Epidemic: America’s Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

An idol is anything we sacrifice our children for.
May the blood of our children lead us to repentance.

29th day of school. 18th school shooting.
America’s Chickens Have Come Home To Roost.

We should have listened to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
We should still listen to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He predicted this.

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Blessed Are The Therapists And Social Workers

To be a therapist or a social worker is to be a guardian of secrets. It is to be entrusted. It is a sacred trust. It is to be a safe deposit box for the soul’s work.
It is a priesthood.
It is to walk through the darkest and brightest places in the human...

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Following Jesus Across Racial Divides

There is a racial divide in our country. Many do not want to believe this. Many fear what acknowledging and confessing this may bring about. Many fear that those with mixed intent or ill intent will create or hijack movements and increase violence. And these things can and will happen. But fear must not win...

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Black And Blue

Black And Blue. Black And Blue.
I stand. Black and Blue.
I love. Black and Blue.
Humans. Black and Blue.
Family. Black and Blue.
Neighbors. Black and Blue.
Communities. Black and Blue.
Tired. Black and Blue.
Hurt. Black and Blue.
Angry. Black and Blue.

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We Are Being Remade.

Sometimes this life presents us with two options: living with a broken heart or not living with a broken heart. Sometimes the broken heart is not optional and therefore the fragmentation it brings is also not optional. Sometimes our unspoken mantra is “I hurt” or “I grieve.”

Sometimes this awful truth sets up residence in...

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