I Carry You In My Heart: Grief During The Holiday Season

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart) – e.e. cummings

We humans are incredibly vulnerable. We are all susceptible to tragedy and loss and the grief that follows. The holidays can be a time of intensified grief for many of us. This is because the holidays highlight our loss. Thanksgiving and Christmas are...

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Tears Are Holy Water

Our pain is sacred and must be honored
Our tears are sacred and must be honored

Honor your tears
Throw them a shower

Just like a wedding or a birth is honored with a shower
Also honor loss and pain with a shower
Make invitations
Invite your favorite people

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Blessed Are The Therapists And Social Workers

To be a therapist or a social worker is to be a guardian of secrets. It is to be entrusted. It is a sacred trust. It is to be a safe deposit box for the soul’s work.
It is a priesthood.
It is to walk through the darkest and brightest places in the human...

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Following Jesus Across Racial Divides

There is a racial divide in our country. Many do not want to believe this. Many fear what acknowledging and confessing this may bring about. Many fear that those with mixed intent or ill intent will create or hijack movements and increase violence. And these things can and will happen. But fear must not win...

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For The Parents Of Teenagers….

For parents of teenagers:

This may be what they need to hear from you:

Dear son/daughter,
You don’t have to sell yourself.
Seeking approval and validation
is a form of prostitution.
Compromising who you are
in exchange for acceptance
is a form of prostitution.
What gets sold is...

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