Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee: The Other National Anthem

Kneeling. It’s a passive posture.

At various times, in various places, it could be a posture of prayer.
A posture of surrender. A posture of nobility or knighthood.
And sometimes, including right now, it is a posture of peaceful protest.

It is heartbreaking that this form of protest is being conceptualized as an...

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Lord I Need You: A White Christian Activist’s Prayer

Charlottesville. My heart is broken. Shattered. I’m consumed. It’s grief.
I’m easily angered. I’m crying when no one is looking. I’m reminded of being a teen listening to Sinead O’Connor’s “Black Boys On Mopeds” and crying. I was crying because I knew the plight of my black neighbors. But I also knew the plight...

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Tears Are Holy Water

Our pain is sacred and must be honored
Our tears are sacred and must be honored

Honor your tears
Throw them a shower

Just like a wedding or a birth is honored with a shower
Also honor loss and pain with a shower
Make invitations
Invite your favorite people

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Why I Stand With The LGBTQ Community

I am am a White, Straight, Southern, Christian Male. I attend and serve within a moderate mainline congregation. I have absolutely nothing to gain from standing with the LGBTQ community.

I am an introvert that doesn’t like negative attention. I hate being typecast and misunderstood. I like to be liked. I am a professional and...

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Blessed Are The Therapists And Social Workers

To be a therapist or a social worker is to be a guardian of secrets. It is to be entrusted. It is a sacred trust. It is to be a safe deposit box for the soul’s work.
It is a priesthood.
It is to walk through the darkest and brightest places in the human...

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